xkbd 0.8.16

New in this version:

  • less keys per row
  • bigger
  • configurable (/usr/shar/xkbd/all.qwerty.xkbd) font size height layout
  • key repeat delay now sane - no more unwanted key repeats
  • all relevant keys in default view [.-:/@1-9a-z]
  • "Mult" key now shows all special characters
  • new "Up" key to go back in history on the command line
  • "Tab" key has now an icon
  • "Caps-lock" has also an icon now

Old version:

xkbd version 0.8.15

New version 0.8.16:

xkbd 0.8.16

Special characters:

xkbd 0.8.16 special characters

Mike's theme

Mike, aka rysiek|pl, prefers to use stylus and have more space for the apps, hence he made his own version of all.qwerty.xkbd. Modifications:

  • smaller (in terms of height) buttons to save screen space;
  • colours matching the genera UI look.


If you like, you can easily enable the grid, by changing this line in all.qwerty.xkbd:

button_style plain


button_style square

(this goes both for original, and Mike's theme).

When using Mike's theme, you'll get:


this is WIP - work in progress

To install the minipredict, do:

  • copy minipredict to /usr/bin
  • copy /usr/lib
  • run the command "ldconfig"
  • mkdir /usr/share/dictionary
  • copy a dictionary (one word per line, alphabetically ordered) to /usr/share/dictionary
  • add your own words to your liking

have fun!