Woosh Browser

Woosh is a minimalistic browser starting up very fast and optimised for small screens.
It runs very well on the Neo Freerunner as well as on any netbook like the Acer One or Asus eeePC.


  • bookmarks
  • simple gestures
  • quick access to all important functions as
    • go back/forward
    • add bookmark
    • toggle auto image load -> useful when on GPRS vs. wifi
    • toggle javascript -> useful when on heavy web2.0 pages
    • rotate landscape / portrait
    • toggle fullscreen
  • page caching in memory during a session for quick navigation of the history
  • http proxy support via the http_proxy environment variable

Screenshots / User Manual

Default Portait View

The tool bar buttons are

  • "back"
  • "forward"
  • load indicator
  • bookmark toggle
  • preferences toggle
  • portrait/landscape mode toggle
  • fullscreen toggle


Woosh in fullscreen mode.

  • the top bar right is "back"
  • the middle is "toggle fullscreen"
  • the right is "forward"

The middle part is used as load indicator and
is red during page load as seen in this screen shot

Landscape mode

Woosh in landscape mode. Google Maps in html mode is quite usable,
even via a slow GPRS connection.
The page load indicator is white, the page is thus fully loaded.


You can add a bookmark for the current page by clicking on the "+".
The bookmarks close either by loading a page or by clicking on the
bookmark button again.

The bookmarks are stored in gconf and can be saved and restored the following way:

  gconftool-2 -g /apps/woosh/bookmarks > ~/bookmarks.woosh

  gconftool-2 -s  --type=list --list-type=string /apps/woosh/bookmarks\
   "`cat ~/bookmarks.woosh`"

unset (brings back default bookmarks):
   gconftool-2 -u /apps/woosh/bookmarks


The most used preferences are quick at hand: switching on and off
the auto image load and javascript.


Currently supported:

  • go back in history: to the left
  • go forward in history: to the right

This is a bit tricky to implement on the Neo, thus YMMV.

Mobile Websites

Add any websites that are optimised for mobile use and are viewable
on woosh.




Download / Install

apt-get install libwebkit-1.0-1
dpkg -i woosh_0.1-1_armel.deb